I launched The Unstoppable Podcast after 3 years of struggle, stress and sacrifice in in my business.

Before I launched the show I had absolutely NO audience and no matter what type of content I shared; it seemed that I could not get my message out to the world

…let alone attract clients!

I had dabbled in many different marketing strategies and yet I had become a master of none.

It was a very tough time for me, I was going broke and I knew something had to change!

I have always been a big listener of Podcast shows; tuning in any time I went to the gym, travelled or walked any reasonable distance! In fact much to the annoyance of my partner I would have podcasts playing through my loudspeakers whilst eating breakfast, lunch and dinner…

I was OBSESSED with learning! Always seeking ways to better myself, looking for a new strategies that would help me to find my business breakthrough!

Finally it clicked…

If I spend SO much of my time listening to Podcasts then WHY don’t I start my own show?

Surely if podcasting is MY preferred method of learning and this is how I discover other people’s work; then perhaps starting a podcast was the answer for me?

At least this is what I initially thought, but what happens to our mindset when we have struggled for SO long?

We go into self doubt mode! (at least I certainly did!)

Enter all the BS that went through my head…

– “who will want to listen to me?”,

– “what do I have to say that is any different from what is already out there?”,

– “I’m not sure if I have enough content to keep producing episodes?”,

All these nonsensical thoughts were screwing me before I even got started!

If you have ever been through a tough time then I’m sure you can relate, its very easy for fear and self doubt to rear their ugly head!

I’d had to take a job to pay the bills by this point, however my contract had just come to an end and rather than taking the money I had earned and invest it back into my business, given that the cold British winter was approaching, I booked a trip to Florida to see my friends!!

This was both foolish and inspired at the same time.

The beaming hot sun and the time out finally gave me the necessary space to clear my head and bust through my negative thinking.

I remember being sat by my friends pool early in the morning, looking out over the lake in Tampa thinking “this is the life…I could get used to this!”

Yet I knew deep down inside at that point that I was living a lie and that I HAD to take responsibility for my future.

I’d arranged a strategy call with a coach from back in the UK and as soon as I got off the call I knew what I had to do.

I got straight on to Amazon and ordered the very mic that you can see in the picture below and I IMMEDIATELY went to work on creating the concept and the artwork for my show; soon to be known as The Unstoppable Podcast!

My inspiration for The Unstoppable Podcast…

My inspiration for The Unstoppable Podcast was to share insights that would help others who were experiencing the same challenges as I had myself and to provide a platform for others to share their message, something that I had been so deeply lacking in my own business. I wanted to play my part in not only helping my listeners, but to help to amplify the voice of the people whom I admired and respected as guests on the show.

I was fired up and over the remainder of the trip I focused on studying how to launch a podcast; I immersed myself in countless blogs and tutorials to figure out how to launch and grow my own Podcast show.

I began developing my content and putting together a 10 part introductory series for the Podcast, outlining each of the major challenges that I had faced in the first 3 years of business, what I had learned and how others can avoid making the same mistakes!

As soon as I got back to the UK after gathering all the tools and software that I needed, I finally got to hit the record button and day by day I created my first 10 part series for the show!

Having figured out how to submit my show to iTunes and all the other major platforms I waited with eager anticipation to see if my show would be approved!

Within just 1 day The Unstoppable Podcast was LIVE on iTunes!

AND even better…within 48 hours MY show was featured in the New & Noteworthy section!

The Unstoppable Podcast had been HAND PICKED to be featured alongside so many of the top shows that I love!

It was such a proud moment!

I was honoured!

What then unfolded over the next 12 months was simply amazing…

The podcast organically reached over 100,000 people in 90 different countries and I’ve had the absolute privilege of interviewing countless game changing entrepreneurs and leaders on the show!

The success of the Podcast created a breakthrough for my business and has resulted in many new clients, multiple speaking opportunities and industry recognition.

Aside from the business impact, the podcast has been transformational personally.

Being able to surround myself with a high level peer group in the form of my guests has made an incredible difference to my life…I am more confident than ever before and I’ve realised that if others can achieve similar goals, then SO CAN I!

With thanks to the exposure that the show has created, I am attracting more opportunities than even before…all because of the platform that podcasting has provided me with!


I know what you are thinking…Should YOU start your own Podcast?

Here’s what I’ve got to say on this:


– You have a message that you want to share with the world

– You want to build a deeper connection with your audience

– You want to expand and reach more people

– You want to make a deeper impact in the world

– You want to increase your credibility and influence in your industry


– Your preferred method of learning is to listen to PODCASTS…

THEN podcasting COULD be the solution for creating the breakthrough that YOU are looking for in your business.

I’ve learned the hard way in the trenches when it comes to learning how to rock the mic, build an engaged audience AND secure A-list guests.

BUT if you want to launch your own Podcast then these 5 simple steps will help you get started:

1) Pick your core topic
2) Choose your Listener Avatar
3) Decide on your show format, duration and publishing frequency
4) Select a microphone, choose your recording software and set up your Podcast host
5) Record, edit, produce and publish your show!

Once your show is approved on the major platforms you will be ready and able to share your message with the world!

Is it time for you to ROCK THE MIC?

With love and appreciation,


PS…IF having read this article you KNOW that podcasting is right for you then I would love to help you!

I am running a 3 Day Bank Holiday Special where you can get access to my entire ROCK YOUR PODCAST course for just £300!

– You will learn the exact steps that I followed to launch The Unstoppable Podcast and get featured in the iTunes ‘New & Noteworthy’ section within the first 48 hours of launching.

– I will break down how I have organically attracted over 100k listeners in over 90 different countries in less than 12 months.

– I will show you ‘over my shoulder’ step-by-step: how to set up your podcast, how to record, edit and produce your episodes and how to publish and promote YOUR show!

– I’ll be sharing how I have secured a continuous flow of A-list guests for my show and how you can do the same for your Podcast

Rock Your Podcast includes:

– 4 core modules
– 20 video tutorials
– LIVE support calls
– Downloadable workbooks


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