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Welcome to the official home of Dan J. Gregory.

It is my mission to lead and inspire a new wave of entrepreneurs, leaders & inspired thinkers to prosperity, freedom & vitality in the new economy.

Since my adult life I have refused to accept the concept of limitation and I strive to help others to discover the limitless possibilities that life has to offer whilst assisting individuals and businesses to take charge of their destinies. It is my aim to inspire and engage others to step beyond any perceived limits, empowering people with the motivation to become an unstoppable leader and to live a life of true fulfilment.

After 7 years of working with one the world largest financial services organisations and working alongside thousands of businesses, I identified patterns of behaviour that either leads to business success or failure. I have also had the privilege of modelling the strategies of some of the global authorities in the fields of business growth and the psychology of peak performance. Based on these insights, I have created The 9-5 Escape Plan to share distinctions, tools and strategies to help you start your lifestyle business and live life by design.

It is my mission to help people to escape the 9-5, get paid to do what they love and be UNSTOPPABLE in business and life!

To your freedom, prosperity and vitality.


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