#unstoppableTV – episode 1: ‘You Evolution’

BOOM! Welcome to the first ever episode of UnstoppableTV! This series has been created for those who dream of creating a life by design, for people who want the freedom to make their life an adventure, to pursue possibility and to experience every aspect of life at the highest level.

Episode 1 is about how to LEAD THE CHARGE during challenging times and how to take advantage of the OPPORTUNITY that can be found among the uncertainty.

After 7 years of corporate life I became dissatisfied with the lifestyle – long hours, politics, procedure manuals, routine, limited holiday, lack of opportunities, being tied to one location and so on.

I had reached a plateau in terms of passion for my career. I believe that passion places a cap on potential performance. What this means is that you will only be able to progress as far as your passion for your work will allow.  In other words, it is not the driver that is the problem; it is the vehicle. This realisation gave me the leverage I needed to start looking for what would truly fulfil me in life.

During my journey of discovery I was privileged to have the opportunity to learn and model the strategies of some of the leading global authorities in the fields of business and the psychology of peak performance. unstoppableTV is my platform for sharing what I have learned during my career and my subsequent search for meaning – the episodes will include distinctions, tools and strategies to help you to escape boredom, defy all limits and create your adventure for your life. 

In episode 1 you will discover 4 initial steps to creating your adventure:

  1. Disregard conventional thinking – be bold and decide to step up beyond the uncertainty of the current economy. Choose to see the world as you want to see it. We live in times of great opportunity. The world is changing and the production line concept of school, university, career no longer applies.
  2. Dare to dream – believe in possibility, believe in yourself, believe in your dreams. Allow yourself to think outside of the box. Take time out to discover what you really want for your life. Get hungry
  3. Design your life – clarity is power. Allowing yourself to dream leads to the ability to create a design for your life. Get clear on how you want to make a living, how you want your relationship to be, how you want to experience life, how you want your body to look and feel. Make your life your adventure and a create a design that inspires.
  4. Defy all limits – boredom is the enemy, fear is its weapon. Nothing holds us back more than our fears. Fears prevent action and lead to inertia. Take a look at what it is that prevents you from following your dreams, creating a design for your life and living your adventure. Is it real? Is it permanent? Can it be changed? In 99.9% of cases fear is a lie. Start by telling yourself the truth. You CAN do it.



1) Allocate time this week to get clear on how you want to experience life: 

a) Rate the way you currently ‘feel‘ in the following categories from 1-10

  • FINANCIAL – income, assets, savings, debt
  • BODY – Energy, health, fitness, strength, vitality
  • MIND – spiritual, emotions, wellbeing, celebration, personal growth,
  • RELATIONSHIPS – love, family, friends, colleagues, circle of influence
  • LIFESTYLE – travel, social, adventure, experience, luxury, home, contribution, activities
  • LIVING – business, career, job, mission
  • TIME – habits, productivity, discipline, organisation

b) Write down 3 changes that you need to make in each category to move the way you feel towards a 10.

c) Write down the next actions you will need to take to make the changes happen

I’d love to hear about your ideas and plans so please do comment on the video and on the blog and I encourage you to share using the social links:

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Thank you to Ric Edgell @ Alchemy Inc for filming and producing unstoppableTV!

Be unstoppable!



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  1. Lucy Flanagan-Martin January 13, 2014 at 20:31 #

    Go Dan!!! This is fab!

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