#unstoppableTV episode 2 – Get Hungry!

Welcome back to unstoppableTV! After some major technical challenges where we lost all of the footage for the first half of Season 1, I spent some time back in the studio recording new content for you! This episode is all about how to escape your comfort zone, identify what truly fires you up and lock in your WHY to create the changes you want in your life!

Take a look at the video and do the actions below for best results! 🙂


1) ESCAPE COMFORT – What areas of your life do you feel comfortable? Where do you need to find a new level of excitement and growth?

2) CORE DESIRED EXPERIENCES – What is the number 1 feeling you want to experience each day in the area of comfort that you want to change? e.g. Excitement, Happiness, Love, Security, Fun, Confidence etc

3) GET HUNGRY! – What is your WHY! Now that you know the area you want to make a change and how you want experience each day – WHY do you want to change it? What are the compelling reasons that will drive you to make the change?


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