#unstoppableTV episode 8: 5 Steps to creating an Unstoppable life!

5 Steps to creating an Unstoppable Life


Since my mid 20s (over 5 years ago now…!) I have been obsessed with finding out what separates those who are wildly successful with those who have seemingly average lives. I’ve studied successful people, I’ve read countless books and I’ve been a experimentalist for the past 3 years in pursuit of finding exactly what it is that leads people to be able to lead extraordinary lives.

In today’s video I break down the 5 areas that I believe lead to an unstoppable life – I only scratch the surface in this episode to set the scene for what is to come over the next few episodes! Watch this episode of unstoppableTV to find out how you can create an unstoppable life:

SHOW NOTES: 5 steps to creating an Unstoppable life

1) DESIGN – create a life by design.

I strongly encourage people to disregard conventional thinking and look beyond the status quo. We live in a New paradigm – people are living all over the world enjoying luxury lifestyles using time, technology and mobility to create a dream lifestyle. Our generation are bending the rules and creating a world based on their own imagination and going from being overworked, undervalued and underpaid to creating freedom and prosperity. Is it time to substitute your 9-5 for something more exciting and create a life by design?

Reality is negotiable if you are willing to dream beyond your current circumstances – you have the power and the technology at your finger tips to radically shift your experience of life. Once you have opened your mind to possibility then you can create a DESIGN FOR YOUR LIFE in every area from your finances, business, body & mind and your relationships.

2) CREATE – create a game plan

This is about creating an action plan that enables you to defy your limits and take massive focused action towards your goals and ambitions in a highly effective and consistent way. Having this level of clarity will help you build momentum and hold yourself accountable for your actions.

3) FUND – funding your dream lifestyle

Once you are clear on what you want to create and experience in your life and you have identified the actions required, the next step is to identify how you will fund your dream lifestyle.

Conventional employment rarely allows you the freedom and income capacity to create an adventurous and fulfilling life – this step is about defining the vehicle and income streams that will be necessary to fund your lifestyle and will allow you to profit from your passions and skillset.

4) FUEL – powering your dreams and ambitions.

Big dream and ambitions require massive action and massive action requires massive ENERGY.

Understanding how to fuel your body for maximum performance is a critical component that will help you power your lifestyle. To experience life at the highest level you have to create a foundation of optimal health and vitality.

5) MASTERY – own you life

This is about becoming a master of your craft and owning your life in every area. Its about create a culture of never ending growth and development. Its about being grateful for what you have but always striving for the next level and maximising the difference that you make to the world.

I believe that these are the 5 steps for creating an Unstoppable life! If you are looking for a way to fund your dream lifestyle then check out the link below.

Get started on your 9-5 Escape Plan today!

Head over to http://www.danjgregory.com/teamfreedom/ to find out how to work with me and plug into my business system to get you started on your escape plan! 

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