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#unstoppableTV episode 4 – Get up and shut up! How to avoid procrastination

Episode 4 of unstoppableTV is about walking the talk and making things happen and how to avoid procrastination and make your dreams come ALIVE!

We have a voice that says we CAN and a voice that says we CAN’T – the voice that tells us that we can’t is the voice of all of our fears and our limiting beliefs.  It is this voice that causes us to procrastinate and to avoid doing what we need to do to make our goals a reality. In order to avoid procrastination and achieve our goals it is important to take responsibility for which voice you listen to – believe and know that whatever you set your mind to you CAN achieve. Listen to the cheerleader inside of you!

Take a look at the video and do the actions below for best results! Make your dreams come ALIVE!


1) REALITY CHECK – notice how you feel about your goals. Are your goals BIG enough to drive you forward in the face of problems / challenges?

2) SHUT UP INNER VOICE CONTROL – shut up the part of you that tell’s you that can’t. Release your inner cheerleader who believes you can and banish the voice that limits you. Time to avoid procrastination and…

3) GET UP – TAKE MASSIVE ACTION – Your goals are big enough, you have belief…now the only thing between you and your goals is MASSIVE ACTION! So stop reading now and get to it!!

To your most adventurous goals!


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