wake up and live

A mantra for living in the moment

I CREATE my reality

I am responsible for my world

I experience all that I am committed to

I receive when I ask clearly in the form of a definite desire

I allow myself to create in alignment with my highest wants and desires.

I choose to let go of all that is out of alignment with my true self.

I release myself from the fear of judgment.

I free myself from the fear of failure.

I leap fully in the presence of faith.

I trust in my higher self.

I respect my intuition

I acknowledge that my emotions are the compass to alignment and personal enlightenment

What I value most is what I become

Each day is the opportunity to write the script

I choose the rules by which I play

I create my reality.

Dan J. Gregory

PS Are YOU creating your reality…

Do you currently have a concise list of specific goals and desires that you are working towards? (Be honest!!)

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I’ve always been an ambitious goal setter but I’ve not always lived up to the life that I had envisioned for myself because my goals and targets were over complex and simply not crystal clear.

Fortunately I have developed a very simple and effective goal setting system for creating your ideal lifestyle and building a business that funds your adventures and desires.

During the 5 day challenge each day you will go through a daily process to help YOU to find total clarity and formulate a plan to make your ideal lifestyle a reality.

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