How to create genuine scarcity in your marketing?

Every good marketer knows that scarcity is an important part of the story in influencing a prospect to take action because people attach higher value to things that are rare.

HOWEVER – are you sick and tired of false scarcity?

I received an email this morning talking about how the demand was so great for their product that they are withdrawing it from the market temporarily! If I genuinely wanted the product and I had to wait to purchase it I would have been disappointed…however the reality I see this same style of scarcity tactic being used on an almost daily basis.

Be genuine – people love exclusivity and great things that are authentically rare.

For example, I used to consult with a company who would only work with one client at a time within a particular sector. This genuinely locked out their clients competitors for the service so that they could create the best possible results for their clients and they had a waiting list of clients who were ready to take the exclusive positions as soon as they became available.

Whilst we created this scarcity – it was genuine and provides additional value to clients.

Be genuinely scarce and start a relationship with your prospect based on authenticity.

To your success



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