Expect to win

Expect to win

Have you ever had the experience of writing out your daily actions or goals, only to hear a voice in some remote part of your brain saying…

“This is not going to happen”, “There is no way that is getting done today” or something equally doubtful?!

What do you notice happens when you choose to ignore the voice and crack on anyway?

It doesn’t get done, right?

It never does!

You already knew that it wouldn’t and YET, you still allow yourself to feel disappointed at the end of the day!

Has this ever happened to you?

If you believe you are going to fail, its highly likely that you will.

This is known as ‘Murphy’s Law’!

Before I unravel this problem, have you ever had the total OPPOSITE experience when you write out your game plan and you KNOW with absolutely certainty that it is a done deal before you even get started?

Can you recall a time where you were simply on a roll and it felt like everything you touched turned to gold?

The kind of winning streak where EVERYTHING goes your way?

What happens under these circumstances…? You raise your game and it feels like no matter what you plan to do it ALWAYS gets done!


Contrast this with what happens when you have the inner knowing that you will miss the target or worse, not get started at all…

If you are on a losing streak, as opposed to a winning streak, your lack of results perpetuates the belief that you are not going to succeed and it becomes a vicious cycle that can be very challenging to break!

Why the heck does this happen and what can you do about it so you can spend more time winning than losing?

This entire process is directed by your subconscious belief system which in controls your expectations about what is and what is not possible for you.

The inner voice that says, “this is not going to happen for me” is a direct reflection of a limiting subconscious belief that you have about yourself which in turn determines your expectations about your own ability to achieve a specific outcome.

What we believe becomes what we experience.

If you consistently fail to achieve an outcome or goal, you begin to reinforce the subconscious belief that you will not achieve your outcomes or goals in the future.

Over time you this leads to the DEFAULT expectation that you will fail!

This is happening automatically every moment of the day in your subconscious mind.

How do you break this cycle?

By becoming aware of your expectations about a situation, you can use your conscious mind to override the automatic thinking patterns and choose to expect a different outcome.

A simple shift in the way you think about your performance can make a big difference in the outcome…


Champions always expect to win….

– Michael Jordan expected to win, to make the important shots and to win multiple championships.

– LeBron James expected himself to be a superstar from his teenage years.

– Muhammad Ali expected to be the greatest boxer of all time.

– Steve Jobs expected Apple to be an iconic brand that would make a dent on the world!

Expecting to win increases our odds of winning. Success is not guaranteed and you must still put in the work, BUT you have a significantly higher chance of achieving your outcome when you expect to win!


Expecting to win will positively enhance your attitude, your motivation, and your self-esteem. Creating the expectation that you WILL succeed therefore positively influences the action that you will take to achieve your outcome.

Positive actions create positive results and positive results lead to more positive self-expectancy and more winning – expecting to win becomes self-fulfilling prophecy and the upward cycle grows!

Now, do you expect to win?

Your expectations about your ability to get what you want have a profound impact on your life.

Don’t believe me?

Keep failing.

Ready to give it a shot?


Dan J. Gregory


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