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The Dangers of Facebook Groups for Entrepreneurs

“Millennials are broke”

This is the comment I saw in a well known group today in response to someone’s post where he had asked for advice in terms of his target market.
Are Millennials actually broke? Of course some are yes, (probably including the person who wrote that comment) but ALL millennials?
As it happens a recent study shows that Millennials will collectively spend around $600bn this year in the US alone and have been dubbed a generation that will ‘transform the economy’
Broke my arse.
It is important to recognise that the front of the plane is ALWAYS full.
The truth is within any target market there you will always find a segment who DO have money and LOTs of it too!

This illustrates the cardinal dangers of Facebook groups:

Broke people offering business advice to other broke people.
I’ve been on both the giving and receiving side of such advice so I feel suitably qualified to say this!
The advice, of course, is all given with good intentions but it is RARELY backed by ‘in the trenches’ experience and results.
The problem for the recipient is that if you take such advice you may make decisions and plans based upon “advice” that has no basis in reality…
Such as ignoring Millennials because they are “broke”.
If you are going to use Facebook Groups for advice be sure to check out the credentials of those who are offering guidance – making decisions based upon the opinions of 200 broke people who comment on your post is not necessarily the best idea for growing a successful business!!
I myself on several occasions have made the mistake of implementing some terrible advice from such well intentioned people in the past and it royally screwed me!

What can you do instead?

Make the habit of deliberately studying those who are winning the game not only in your field, but more globally to get a wider perspective.
Success leaves clues so go to those who have the keys to the door and be sure to watch out for the well intentioned bearers of advice along the way.
I’m not by any means indicating that I have all the answers or that my advice is any more valid, but what I do have is the scars and trophies which have been hard earned within many battles in the trenches of business.
I continue to put myself into battle every single day by taking MASSIVE ACTION to move my business forward and I’m sharing every step of the journey with my unstoppable tribe.
Finally, the best piece of advice I can offer you is:

Dan J. Gregory
The Unstoppable Entrepreneur

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