The Unstoppable Year Workshop Series

Does the quality of your Goal Setting System REALLY make a difference? 

From the Desk of Dan J. Gregory - Founder, The Unstoppable Entrepreneur & Host of The Unstoppable Podcast

Dear Reader: 

On a gloomy late autumn afternoon at the back end of the recession just over 5 years ago, I met two entrepreneurs both who had very similar businesses. These two entrepreneurs were very much alike. Both had been working in the same city for a number of years, both had comparable experience in their industry but unfortunately for both of them – as with many other business owners at the time – they had been hit hard by the recession. 

Both entrepreneurs had come to visit me at the Bank to discuss the future of their businesses. 

Both businesses had a great reputation in the marketplace. Both had a profitable track record. And both entrepreneurs, it turned out, had learned their trade at the same institution and they were still friends many years on. 

But there was a difference. One of the entrepreneurs was about to lose his business and his home. The other was about to have his record year in business… 

What made the difference?

Have you ever, like me, wondered what makes this kind of difference in people’s businesses? It isn’t always experience, knowledge or talent and it isn’t that one person wants to succeed more than the other!  

The difference lies in the ability of the entrepreneur to create effective strategic plans AND having the discipline to take consistent focused action upon their plans. 

One entrepreneur had set a course to navigate the changing environment that the recession had created and had the courage and discipline to follow through on his goals, unfortunately the other did not.  

Whilst there are many factors that contribute to the prolific growth of some of the most successful businesses in the world like Google, Amazon and Microsoft; at the very heart of their success is a bulletproof strategy for setting and achieving their business goals. 

And yet did you know that only 3% of entrepreneurs have written goals, and that the those that do typically earn 10 times as much as thoso who don’t have written goals?  

This is exactly why I am hosting this workshop series for you and other entrepreneurs just like you! I've seen the profilic impact that have effective goals can create and I've also seen (and experienced) first had the devastation a lack of clear goals can cause for entrepreneurs. 

The entire purpose of 'The Unstoppable Year Workshop' is to give you a highly effective goal setting system that you can use to grow your business in 2018.  

"As someone with knowledge, drive and passion I knew I was the right kind of person for Dan’s 'Unstoppable Entrepreneur' workshop series. Mastering the fundamentals and applying the strategies that Dan shared helped me make over £7k in my first week of launch. I am proof that what Dan teaches works.” 

— Padraig Cutliffe, Founder of BuzzStart & Senior Google Digital Garage Trainer

What happens if you lack a proven system for setting and achieving goals? 

  • You feel unsure about HOW to achieve your goals 
  • You become uncertain about what to focus on to grow your business 
  • You are unable to identify what is or is NOT working in your business. 
  • You find yourself procrastinating and struggle to take consistent action. 
  • You fail to reach your full potential and make the impact you seek to make 

How do I know? I've experienced ALL of these in the past until I found a proven system that works!! 

If any of the above sound familiar then you are in the right place!

Achieving your business goals will be easier than you ever thought possible when you learn the simple business goal mapping systems behind some of the most successful businesses in history…

If you want to grow a successful business and maximise your potential as an entrepreneur, whilst creating the lifestyle that you have always envisioned for yourself – being able to travel, choosing your own hours, spending time doing what you love, to live with excitement and be surrounded by people that you love and care about... 

...then the 'The Unstoppable Year' workshop is for YOU! 

Introducing 'The Unstoppable Year' Workshop - a Bulletproof Goal Setting System For Entrepreneurs

Your goals are the foundation and the structure that support your business success. In this high impact workshop series, High Performance Business Strategist, Dan J. Gregory will show you exactly how to build that foundation the same way that Google, Amazon and Microsoft do!  

The Unstoppable Year Workshop is the result of over 5 years of research into exactly what makes the difference between the entrepreneurs who succeed at the highest levels and those who struggle in the pursuit of their business aspirations. 

When you attend this exciting workshop, you will:

  • Discover the very same goal setting system used by some of the most successful businesses in the world 
  • Gain you total CLARITY about what you really want to accomplish in your business in 2018 and how you will achieve it. 
  • Break your goals into a 90 Day Game Plan so that you will know EXACTLY what to focus on to achieve your business goals EVERY single day 
  • Identify the knowledge and skills required to obtain your goals 
  • Eliminate procrastination to create rapid momentum towards your goals and learn how to keep motivated, positive and focused throughout 2018
  • Develop the confidence necessary to become unstoppable in pursuit of achieving all of your business and personal goals. 

When you attend this 3-hour workshop and implement the steps it takes to create bulletproof goals for your business, you will become unstoppable in the pursuit of achieving your business goals PLUS you will walk away with a proven system that you can use time and time again in your business. 

The amazing thing about goal setting is that it can create immediate results in your business and life – whilst I cannot guarantee your business results, I can guarantee that by attending this workshop you will develop a deeper sense of personal power that will fuel your progress well into 2018!  

Meet Dan J. Gregory

Dan J. Gregory is the host of The Unstoppable Podcast and creator of the #1 personal development programme for entrepreneurs in the UK, The Unstoppable Entrepreneur

After a 7 year career as a senior leader within one of the worlds largest Banking organisations, Dan has dedicated his entrepreneurial path to helping entrepreneurs and business leaders to develop the mindset, habits, skills and strategies necessary to become unstoppable in business and life. 

Over the past decade, Dan has directly impacted the lives of more than 100,000 entrepreneurs and business leaders from over 90 different countries with his work in human potential, personal leadership and business strategy. 

"I have worked with many business mentors over the years but Dan's fresh and dynamic approach stands out. My financial results have increased significantly and I believe that ANY entrepreneur who implements the simple steps that Dan shows you will see major growth in their business this year" 

— Lynn Bull, Nutrition & Wellness Coach

Make 2018 Your UNSTOPPABLE Year!

Your success in 2018 will largely be determined by the decisions that you make at the very beginning of the year and then the actions that follow to make your goals a reality.  

No matter what circumstances come your way in 2018, if you clearly identify your goals and work on them daily, the year ahead will bring you far greater success than if you fail to set clearly written goals. 

Choose to join the highest achieving entrepreneurs in 2018 by taking the opportunity to learn the exact system that some of the most successful businesses on the planet use to set business goals!  

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Not sure if this workshop is right for you?

If you achieved all the goals that you have for your business – how much would it be worth to you?  

If the value of achieving your goals is more than the small investment required to join this workshop – then your attendance is a NO BRAINER. 

Already set your goals? Great! Join the workshop to filter your existing goals through the Unstoppable Year Framework. 

Remember, achieving business goals is all about following a proven system - this high impact interactive workshop will equip you with the very same method and tools that businesses like Google, Amazon and Microsoft use to set and achieve world class results! 

For just £49 (limited time only! Regular price £97!) you will have access to the Business Goal Setting online workshop series and the supporting materials.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee: You risk nothing when you sign up to The Unstoppable Year Workshop! 

If you're not 100% satisified with the workshop, let us know within 30 days of attending the workshop and receive a full refund.  

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"Dan challenged me to stop playing small, to stop giving myself excuses and just make the damn business happen. He urged me to get real with myself, that I was of true value, and people will WANT to pay me because they see what I can do for them. And it worked! A month after his challenge to me, I managed to 6x my income. Mindblowing.” 

— Cherlyn Chong, Steps to Happyness Relationship Coaching