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5 Habits to Build Unstoppable Momentum

People often assume that the most successful people in life are the most motivated. Whilst motivation is certainly a key ingredient –I have found that what makes the biggest difference is momentum.

We create momentum by building habits and take action. Feeling motivated will fuel our momentum but it is the habit of taking focused action that ultimately shapes our destiny.

One of the most important things I have learned over the past couple of years is that if you are serious about taking your performance to the next level you have got to leave the ways of mediocrity behind and focus on developing a new and improved you – ithis begins with getting consistent with our habits.

Here are 5 habits that I have practiced that can help you raise your game:

1) Wake up winning – have a powerful morning routine

Wake up winning in the morning by waking up earlier than you normally do to get a workout in, feed your mind with great books and nourish your body with a healthy breakfast and proper hydration —all before the rest of the world is deciding whether to get up or not! A powerful morning routine is the way to wake up winning!

2) Relentless Focus – set adventurous goals, plan each day.

Modern entrepreneurs and professionals set adventurous goals and pursue them with energy, determination and passion each day. My personal productivity has been seriously increased since I started planning each day the night before and by having a weekly review every week to reflect on and plan my most critical priorities. I keep a concise daily to do list of no more than 6 critical priorities per day.

3) Mindfulness – daily meditation

Learning the art of meditation has brought so many benefits but the habit of meditating every morning has brought a deeper clarity to my work and allows me to get centered and focused on my vision prior to starting each day. Meditating in the evening also enhances restful sleep.

4) Live with vitality – exercise daily , limit alcohol and sugars,

Vitality to me is the integration of a high level of fitness and health. I start each day with at least 20 minutes of exercise to get fired up for the day. Working out in the morning gets your energy levels up and kicks your metabolism into gear so that you can get more done in your day. For a number of years I have also reduced and practically eliminated alcohol and sugars from my life. I know that if I am serious about achieving major goals then living a vital life is a critical component.

5) Constant improvement – learn daily

I read or listen to audios for at least 20 minutes every day. Consistently developing my knowledge in the areas of business, health and relationships helps me develop my skills and learn from those who have already achieved the goals I am pursuing. Books compress decades of knowledge into days.

I invite you to join me on my February habits challenge – I have reset 5 of my core habits to get renewed focus and consistently. You can find out about and join my challenge for free at http://www.danjgregory.com/lifestyle

Once you enter your details on the page you will get my 5 step getting started guide and the app that I use each day to build momentum with my habits!

Be unstoppable!


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