5 Fundamentals

5 Fundamental Actions to Simplify Your Business

Are you committed to making a serious impact with your business but you find yourself overcomplicating everything?

Perhaps you aren’t clear on how to schedule your time or find yourself struggling to focus, procrastinating with ‘busy’ work to justify your existence as an entrepreneur?

Before you know it hours turn into days, days turn into weeks and weeks turn into months and even years, worse still – despite the fact you have put in a stack of hours and feel like you have been ‘hustling’ hard you have little to nothing to show for it?

This was the story of my life and the sad fact is it is also the story for many entrepreneurs who are in the trenches every single day, following their dreams, trying to build to build something that creates an impact not only for themselves, but for the unique corner of the world in which they operate.

I haven’t got all the answers but there is a simple answer in the form of 5 FUNDAMENTAL daily action steps that will not only help you to make sense of your days, but to create tangible results and FAST (well, at least a lot faster than what you currently may doing right now!)

However, let me start with a clear warning…


Without a concrete outcome in mind these 5 fundamentals won’t help you at all, in fact without a clear purpose these 5 fundamentals will result in even more frustration, confusion overwhelm.

I don’t want this and assume you don’t either!

Here’s the thing – you get what you focus on 100% of the time.

If you are serious about achieving at an epic level then I can tell you that the most EFFECTIVE way to do so to simply focus 100% upon the specific RESULT your are committed to creating.

Yeah I KNOW you have heard this before. We all KNOW it intellectually, but do you LIVE IT?

For example, you are launching a new product – have you got total clarity on what problem will your product solve, who will it solve it for and how many sales do you want to make?

You have to know this stuff.

We all get excited by ideas but for a plane to get anywhere it has a to have a destination and its the same for our businesses….

The sad fact is that most entrepreneurs either spend all of their time fuelling the plane and never take off (been there!) OR they put all their energy into the take off but once they are up and running they have no clear destination (yup, done that too!)

Without somewhere to land the plane will crash and so will your business.

The plane MUST have a destination in order to serve its purpose and so must you.

So please don’t even start with these 5 fundamentals unless you know where you are going because you will screw up my formula!

I’m serious.

Alright, so if you have got to this point and you know where you are going then please continue to read! If not, give me a call and lets get you clear!

Clarity is power my friends.

RIGHTY – you have your offer locked down, you know exactly who you are a hero to and you are ready to make some serious impact?

Remember, this is about simplifying your business. So guess what? These steps are SUPER simple :

The 5 daily fundamentals that will get you in the game faster than ever before:

1) Get your core message out via your content in a way that delivers real value to your current audience

2) Share your core message beyond your CURRENT audience to grow your audience

3) Create remarkable products / services that solve real problems and help people to achieve their goals

4) Offer your remarkable products / services to your audience

5) Repeat steps 1-4

I know what you are thinking, all the build up and THESE are the 5 fundamentals?

Are you serious? Yes I damn well am.

If clarity is the destination, then simplicity is the fuel.

The question is, are you truly focusing on these activities EVERY single day?

If not then get to work and only THEN come back and tell me the fundamentals are too simple!

Dan J. Gregory
The Unstoppable Entrepreneur

PS Want me to help you to grow YOUR business?

Book a call with me here:www.danjgregory.com/strategysession (limited to 5 slots per week)

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