Why Entrepreneur's Fail To Achieve Their Goals

098: 10 Reasons Why Most Entrepreneurs Will Fail to Achieve Their Goals in 2018

Greetings and happy New Year!

I hope that the festive season brought you everything that you hoped for and that you celebrated the new year in style!

We often make a big deal about New Year and though there is no practical difference the moment the clock strikes twelve and the calendar shifts forward another year – it is merely a tick of the clock that separates one year and the next – it is what that moment represents to us that matters.

For many it represents a clean slate, a time to reflect on the 12 months that have gone by and set plans for the year ahead – it also provides a simple yardstick for us to measure our growth in every sense of the world, both in business and personally. Ultimately the 1st January is your chance to call the shots on what you want to unfold in the hours, days, weeks and months ahead in 2018.

However, did you know that only 3% of people that have written goals, and that the those that do are typically 10-30 times more successful financially as much as those who don’t have written goals?

Why do so few people set goals? And why is that those who do set goals fail to follow through and take action? Why is it that many people after the initial excitement and motivation of setting goals, slowly lose momentum and lose sight of the goal and come to a standstill? Why do people get distracted? Why do people fail to achieve their goals?

To tackle this question, in this episode, I am going to share the 10 reasons why most entrepreneurs will fail to achieve their goals in 2018 to help you AVOID the common mistakes.

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In this episode you will discover:

  • The 10 most common reason why most people fail to achieve their goals
  • The limiting factors that can hold you back
  • How to avoid these problems and limitations by using an effective goal setting system

The Power of Goal Setting

I always enjoy this time of year as it really DOES feel like a great reset – regardless of what has gone before us, both good and bad, it is an opportunity to draw the line and get re-focused.

Our success in 2018 will largely be determined by the decisions that we make at the very beginning of the year and then the actions that follow to make those decisions become a reality.

Setting goals is clearly a big part of this process and especially so for entrepreneurs and business owners in planning ahead for the successes that they want to achieve in the year ahead in business.

No matter what circumstances come your way in 2018, if you clearly identify your goals and work on them daily, the year ahead will bring you far greater success than if you fail to set clearly written goals.

I’ve personally been addicted to setting goals for over 10 years now and my process for setting and achieving goals has changed wildly during that time, but the very act of setting goals has helped me to achieve some awesome experiences :


  • Driving a Lamborghini, buying my dream motorcycle and taking a road trip along the European coast, taking a classic mustang down Highway 1 in California from San Fran to San Diego, to taking a private jet over the Grand Canyon…
  • I Visited 7* Hotels in Dubai, relaxed on the beaches of Thailand, watched the sunrise over the salt lakes in Bolivia, seen the 8th wonder of the world at Ankur Wat, camped under the stars in the Sahara Desert…
  • I have attended my favourite music festivals across Europe and watched some of my favourite bands live like Aerosmith and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, drank a single malt directly from the whiskey distilleries of Scotland, poured a pint of on the top floor of the Guinness Factory in Dublin, played slot machines in Las Vegas…
  • I have run a marathon, completed multiple Tough Mudders, cycled through the alps, mountain biked down world’s most dangerous road, reached sub 10% body fat…
  • In 2015 I Launched a Podcast and reached over 100,000 people in 90 countries and since then have worked with clients in multiple continents and contributed to some of my favourite causes…

These are just some of my dreams that I have sought to experience over the past few years – everyone has different desires and aspirations – our goals are unique to us, or at least should be!!

Have you ever wondered what makes the difference in people’s ability to set and achieve their goals? It isn’t always experience, knowledge or talent and it isn’t that one person wants to succeed more than the other…

Here are the top 10 reasons why most entrepreneurs fail to achieve their goals – I share this with you to help you to AVOID these common goal setting mistakes.

10 Reasons Why Most Entrepreneurs Will Fail to Achieve Their Goals in 2018

10 – People do not write down their goals – whether it is because people haven’t actually set any goals or because they haven’t taken the time out to get clear on what they are working towards, this is one of the biggest reasons why people fail to achieve their goals. You may have heard about various studies in the past linking written goals to income etc, many of these are false however an actual study by the University of California shows that you 42% more likely to achieve goals just by writing them down. We live in a time where we are bombarded by information each and every day – The human brain processes an average of about 1,500 thoughts a minute. Carrying our goals round just in our head is not an effective way of making our goals a reality. Written goals clarify thinking and give weight to your goals and reinforce commitment.

9 – People do not know what they REALLY want – If people are not clear on what they ultimately want then it will result in the failure to make goals compelling, meaningful and motivating – these elements are vital in creating momentum. A lack of clarity will lead to confusion and the failure to get started or make progress. A quality goal setting process must go beyond the surface to help people identify what they really want.

8 – People do not make goals specific or measurable – if our goals are not specific we have no clear target. The absence of the ability to measure our goals also mean that we will never know if we are making progress or whether we have hit our goal. A simple example of this is if someone has set the goal to ‘increase revenue’ – what is missing? How much revenue and by when. It is really important we set a clear target and have a way of measuring our progress because without it we are in no man’s land.

7 – People do not set clear realistic deadlines – I have a phrase that says if your goal doesn’t have a deadline then you don’t have a goal! Some people worry about the consequence of not meeting the deadline however the lack of a deadline causes people to put off taking action or worse, abandoning the goal. Deadlines create a sense of urgency and can help you prioritize. I don’t like to use the word ‘realistic’ because I don’t believe there is such a thing as an ‘unrealistic’ goal, but there is such a thing as an ‘unrealistic deadline’. It is important to have a reasonable expectation of how long a goal will take you to accomplish when setting deadlines.

6 – People set too many goals – We have all heard the phrase “a person who chases two rabbits catches neither”. People who set too many goals spread themselves too thinly and become a master of nothing. When I first started setting goals I set 100s of goals…it just didn’t work! Those who set too many goals tend to experience a lack of focus, overwhelm and even burnout. Sound familiar? Some set so many goals that they immediately reach a state of inertia because they are literally intimidated by the amount of work required to achieve their goals. An appropriate amount of goals enables the highest levels of concentrated focus and promotes mastery.

5 – People do not have balanced goals – most people only focus on one area of their life. Why is this a problem? Having strong results in one area can come at the expense of other areas which can have a negative overall effect on a person’s life. For example, it is common for people to set many business goals yet neglect the areas of health and/or relationships. It is important to set balanced goals for true fulfillment and overall impact.

4 – People do not create action plans – The failure to turn each goal into a project and identify the steps required. Without a plan people can fail to get started, experience overwhelm, make unnecessary mistakes or delay the achievement of their goals. We all need a map to follow to get to our destination.

3 – People do not take action – I think this one is pretty obvious. We can’t WILL our way to results, nor can we research our way to results. Procrastination is the silent killer of all goals. Some people have the goals and the plans but then fail to get started! Others are simply lazy or have a poor work ethic and yet still expect to achieve their goals? – Not you of course because if you were that type of person you wouldn’t be listening to this Podcast! You have to commit and you have to take action. If your goals are compelling enough you will want to put in the grind to get results.

2 – People do not keep goals visible and regularly review progress – Some people write out their goals and then never look at them again. What do you think the chances of success are?! Slim to none. Reviewing your goals daily is absolutely critical. It’s the servo mechanism in your brain, you get what you focus on – I used to ride motorbikes and the bike goes wherever I look as the rider, the same is true in business. We have to stay focused on the road ahead.

1 – People have fears and limiting beliefs – this is huge and is one of the most common reasons for why people do not achieve their goals. Whether it is fear of failure that holds someone back or even the fear of success, these irrational fears stop people from taking action and getting the results they deserve. Limiting beliefs will destroy your success too – what does this mean? A simple is example is where someone might not have the belief in their own abilities, knowledge or skills and these doubts will consciously and unconsciously sabotage your goals.

There are lots of ways our thoughts and beliefs can hold us back – some people simply believe they are not worthy and don’t deserve the things they desire. Fears and limiting beliefs are created in the mind and can destroy our progress however – there are powerful methods that enable you to take the power back and get control over your fears and limiting beliefs.

0 – BONUS: ACCOUNTABILITY. This is often overlooked but is absolutely critical to achieving your goals. In jobs, people have to report to a supervisor or boss and have regular appraisals. Most entrepreneurs lack that accountability – having mentors and a supportive peer group can really help. When pursuing adventurous goals you need a support network that empowers you, a peer group who is equally ambitious that will challenge you and pick you up when you have difficulties and setbacks, people who hold you to your goals and keep you accountable.

So many people let their dreams die because of the limited thinking of the people that they surround themselves with. I can’t stress enough how important it is to have a supportive peer group and mentors to support your most adventurous goals and to keep you focused on the priorities at hand.

Do any of these sound familiar?

Most of you will have experienced some or all of these problems before! If you haven’t you are either very lucky or being untrue to yourself – for some of you, these problems might seem very familiar as you could still be experiencing these problems right now.

I certainly know that I have experienced ALL of these problems! When I first started setting goals I would write HUGE lists of things that I would like to do, have or be but I did not set any deadlines, I didn’t get specific and I certainly didn’t create any plans…I was just really excited to have this list of dreams! We all can get caught up in the excitement of the process…has this ever happened to you? I’m sure it has!!

When I started out I made almost every mistake possible! How much action do you think I took on my goals having made those mistakes with the process? You will be correct in thinking almost none! I began to get incredibly frustrated and felt angry with myself for not following through with my goals. I questioned myself and my abilities and I felt like a dreamer without any hope.

After years of frustration and failing to make the progress to make my dreams a reality, I finally had enough! The pain of missing out got so strong that I got the leverage I needed to get unstuck! As a result, I started looking for answers. I read all the books I could find on goal setting, I spent hundreds of pounds on seminars and courses trying to understand why some people would effortlessly achieve goals and to try and find out why I was stuck!!

As I began to discover and understand these common problems it started to make absolute sense why I was going round in circles and not getting anywhere with my major goals. If you aren’t making the progress you want I would be confident in predicting that it is one or more of these common problems that are holding you back.

I was caught up in my fears and had created all these false limitations in my mind about why I could not do all the things that I was dreaming of – and these things held me back from taking the time to put in the work and found that it literally stopped me from using my brain to think about what was required! Needless to say it was quite clear why I had stopped taking the required action.

Nonetheless, throughout the whole time despite my frustrations, I did not lose my hunger, I did not lose my desire. In fact, the pain of missing out only made me hungrier and each little discovery I made gave me even more confidence and belief in myself.

As you can imagine when I finally started to apply the things that I learned- magic started to happen! I have already shared some the things that I have been able to achieve, however, it took a needless amount of time to finally get momentum!

So what happened that made the shift? – I got completely committed and narrowed my focus to the biggest goals that would give me the experiences that I really wanted. I got clear and wrote my goals down with scheduled deadlines, I created project plans and action steps – working back from my goals and deadlines to create milestones and checkpoints to ensure that my goals would become a reality. I gave myself a powerful WHY – I found the drive within me to move forward and I also called upon some strong mentors to help guide me and hold me accountable. I surrounded myself with ambitious people who were equally hungry and most important of all; I began to take MASSIVE ACTION.

All of these things are only small changes however these changes have made an incredible impact, but I really am just getting started

Its only in the last 12 months that I have found the clarity that I have been seeking and given myself the PERMISSION to go after what I really want.

The difference ultimately boils down to having a bulletproof method to create my goals, develop concise plans and having the discipline to take consistent focused action upon those plans.

I believe the problem with some of the traditional goal getting processes is that they really do not get to the core of what we most want out of life and WHY we want to do it.

Think about this – if you were totally inspired, excited and fired up to achieve something on a daily basis, don’t you think you would be much more likely to go after those things with EVERYTHING that you have got?

As someone who wants to get the most out of life you probably understand the importance of setting adventurous goals. I believe that anyone with enough passion and determination can make life an adventure that is worth remembering.

So how do you create the power to do what it takes to achieve your goals and create a business and life that truly EXCITES YOU?

Introducing the ‘Unstoppable Year Workshop’

–  a bulletproof business goal setting system that is based how some of the most successful businesses in the world such as Google, Amazon and Microsoft set goals and achieve world class results. This knowledge comes as a result of over 5 years of research into exactly what makes the difference between the entrepreneurs who succeed at the highest levels and those who struggle in the pursuit of their business goals

This workshop will open up a world of infinite possibility to you and this is your chance to be one of the FIRST to get access to this exclusive, game-changing program.

The goal-setting process that I will walk you through in the unstoppable workshop is the exact process that I now use to map out my business – it is simple to implement, fun and incredibly powerful because it overcomes each and every one of the common problems that I have shared with you today.

Want more for your business?


In this powerful 3 hour workshop I’ll take you through the entire Unstoppable Year goal-setting system… from start to finish…and when you’re done you will have absolutely everything you need to:

  • Grow your business
  • Make more money
  • Create a bigger impact
  • Achieve a greater level of productivity and more.

When you join my exciting, fast-moving workshop you will :

  • Discover the very same goal setting system used by some of the most successful businesses in the world
  • Gain you total CLARITY about what you really want to accomplish in your business in 2018 and how you will achieve it.
  • Break your goals into a 90 Day Game Plan so that you will know EXACTLY what to focus on to achieve your business goals EVERY single day
  • Identify the knowledge and skills required to obtain your goals
  • Eliminate procrastination to create rapid momentum towards your goals and learn how to keep motivated, positive and focused throughout 2018
  • Develop the confidence necessary to become unstoppable in pursuit of achieving all of your business and personal goals.

It is a bulletproof roadmap for creating business goals so that you can accomplish more and enjoy the process

It is NOT a one-size-fits-all solution but a collection of exercises to help you to set powerful goals and produce a clear 90 day plan for your business

We all have different backgrounds — different experiences, beliefs and skill sets and different needs. As such, we all have a different path and this workshop will help you to define your own unique path for your business.

You can’t hit a target you can’t see… or arrive at the right place when you don’t know where you’re going. Your goals determine how successful, or unsuccessful, you will be in business and this unique blueprint is set up to make sure you are aiming at the right targets. – The secret to business success begins with clearly understanding what you want.

This workshop contains absolutely everything you need to create a plan from start to finish from where you are now and to where you want to go – every time – no matter how many barriers, difficulties or setbacks you encounter.

The starting point of great success is when you decide exactly what you want, and chart your course to get there.

“The Unstoppable Year Workshop” is the result of my research into exactly how entrepreneurs set and achieve adventurous goals.

I’m putting you on the fast-track with a proven system for setting and achieving all your goals

Not only that, but this workshop will help you to identify the knowledge, skills and resources that you need to thrive in business

Are you ready?

GRAB THE EARLY BIRD RATE and sign up for just £29 by visiting danjgregory.com/businessgoals

BUT if you need an extra push–I’ll back it by my 100% Iron Clad 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee. That’s right, if after attending the workshop you don’t feel a deeper sense of clarity and aren’t flying through your to-do lists and reaching greater levels of achievement than you ever thought possible…simply ask for refund.

IF I don’t deliver on the outcomes I have promised – you don’t pay. ITs that simple – I want to take all the risk for you.

I hope to see you at the workshop LIVE!

Thank you for listening to the Unstoppable Podcast!

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