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087: Discover what you REALLY want in 2017

In this episode I provide you with a very different take on making plans for the New Year and having a deep philosophical discussion about the concept of setting meaningful goals. I share my my own musings on understanding why we choose certain goals and I share a deep process that is designed to help you understand what you are truly seeking at your core in 2017.

Buckle up and be ready to take notes because this episode is going to blow your mind!

To being UNSTOPPABLE in 2017


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In this episode you will discover:

  • The unconscious process that is behind all goal setting
  • Why certain goals are more likely to be achieved than others
  • How to discover what you REALLY want in 2017
  • How to set goals that are naturally aligned to your deepest desires
  • How to have your ‘best year yet in 2017’

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STEP1) Identify the core emotional states that you want to experience on a consistent basis – to do this, you simply need to do as described within the episode: Close your eyes and go within. You know in your heart what emotions or feelings you desire the most. What are they? Write them all down and then put them in order.

STEP 2 – Take responsibility – BE these emotions – choose to make these emotions your default way of being – Being happy is a choice. As is every other emotion that we experience. Choose to feel, be and do these emotions. THis is a higher level of consciousness and will take time to bring into your existence but with patience and focus you can make these emotions who you are and your chosen way of living.

STEP 3 – Write down a list of all the activities, people, places and things that you ALREADY have or experience in your life that currently provide you with these core desired emotions – this is about finding every facet within your life that bring out the core desired emotions that are already within you. Express gratitude for these elements and expand upon them in 2017

STEP 4 – Write down a list of all the NEW activities, people, places, and things that you would like to bring into your life or experience in 2017 that you know will bring your even more of your core desired emotions.

STEP 5 – Use your lists to set your goals for 2017 – rather than arbitrarily setting goals on what you think you want, use you newfound inner knowing as a guide. Give yourself more of what you really want to feel in 2017 by expanding on what already is within you. Choose to live by your core desired emotions – realise that when you take total responsibility for your being, only you can choose how to feel – nothing outside of you can take that away from you, you may temporarily waiver but remind yourself that it is YOU who decides.

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