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083: How to Shift Your Money Mindset

Money is an emotional topic. It can make us feel guilty. It can make us feel alone, because after all we are taught not to talk about it? And we say things to ourselves like: “I love doing this, why should I charge for it? I don’t want people to think I’m greedy.” Or, “I enjoy this. Why should I even charge for it at all?” These invisible scripts are beliefs that we have in our head serve as an anchor around our necks, never letting us make it to the next level because we’re always petrified of what will people think!

These invisible beliefs about money cause us to self sabotage. Why? Because we are simply wired to avoid pain and gain pleasure. If we perceive that something is going to cause pain then we will avoid it.

In this episode I share how to identify your invisible money scripts and show you how to overcome these unconscious beliefs to create rapid financial transformation!

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In this episode you will discover:

  • How other people’s opinions are screwing you up
  • How to identify negative money patterns and beliefs from your past
  • How to create transformational truths to unlock rapid financial change
  • 5 core beliefs for greater abundance
  • 10 steps to create immediate financial impact

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