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082: MONEY MINDSET SERIES PART 5 – How to Attract Abundance with Kristi Dear

Welcome to Part 5 of The Money Mindset Series on The Unstoppable Podcast!

Todays episode features Kristi Dear, an Mindset Mentor & International Success Coach, Author & Speaker and this is a fantastic opportunity to discover insights that will help you to create an abundance mindset!

In today’s session we delve into everything from money blocks to the law of attraction to help you bring more abundance into your life and to unlock your inner RICH mindset!

Are you ready for more abundance? Lets do this!

About Kristi Dear 

Kristi Dear is a Certified Master Life Coach, Certified NLP Master Practitioner, Certified Advanced Hypnotist, Certified Law of Attraction Wealth Coach, & Personal Trainer. Kristi believes in freedom, possibilities and creation of financial success and works with purpose driven female entrepreneurs and help them  build successful and fulfilling businesses by breaking through their money blocks to allow greater abundance into their lives.

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In this episode you will learn:

  • How to transform your stress, struggle and sacrifice into abundance, ease and flow
  • How to use vision boards to create the life you desire
  • How to effectively use the Law of Attraction to transform your financial future
  • How your thoughts, feelings and language show you money patterns
  • How to identify and overcome your money blocks

About The Money Mindset Series:

This Money Mindset series was inspired by the overwhelming response I received to my episode about ‘Money Shame‘ where I shared my own journey with debt and my relationship with money. Over the course of this mini-series I will be bringing you a range of top Financial and Money Mindset experts to help you improve your financial wellbeing and your relationship with money.

Part 1 began with ‘The Art of Money’ with special guest Bari Tessler where we went deep into how to create a positive relationship with money.

Part 2 continued with ‘Money: A Love Story’ with Kate Northrup where we discussed how developing financial freedom begins by developing your own self love and talked about simple money practices that can help you build a more positive relationship with money.

Part 3 was about ‘Financial Wellbeing’ with Chris Budd where we discussed how financial wellbeing is NOT about living the life that others think you should have, but rather the life that you want as well as discussing Chris’ simple practical advice for enhanced financial wellbeing.

Part 4 of the series continued with ‘The Power of Financial Freedom with Austin Netzley where he shared how he went from studying engineering to becoming an investor, best selling author and highly successful entrepreneur! We discuss some of the money principles, beliefs and practices that have enabled Austin to rapidly ascend in the world of business!

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