081: Why Undercharging Is Hurting Your Business

What is more important to you; being generous or helping people and making an impact?’

Being generous does not equal helping people and making an impact – You are not evil or greedy to charge higher fees, yet your desire to serve means that you give away your services or charge less than you should.

I meet people every day who have an enormous desire to contribute through their business and they want to be financially free as a result, but they carry guilt for charging what they perceive to be huge fees that they don’t believe are affordable.

Your deep desire to be of service does not mean you need to undercharge or suffer.

In this episode I explore how undercharging hurts your business and share how to charge premium prices for your products and services.

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In this episode you will discover:

  • How to serve and contribute whilst maximising profit
  • Why ‘Charging what you are worth’ is terrible advice
  • The Psychology of Premium Pricing
  • How to navigate your own objections to charging higher prices
  • How to identify and overcome your money blocks

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