Lazo Freeman, CEO of the Body Transformation Academy on The Unstoppable Podcast with Dan J. Gregory

062: Ultimate Physical Performance with Lazo Freeman

Today we make a shift from business and dive into what it takes to create ultimate physical performance!

I’m excited to introduce Lazo Freeman! Lazo is recognised as the #1 Body Transformation Coach in the UK by the Association of Professional Coaches, Trainers & Consultants, he is a champion natural bodybuilder and first got known for being the face of USN and training the CEO’s, Business Leaders & Super Rich of London. Now he has left that all behind to become the trainer to trainers helping them move from Personal Training to the highly paid world of Body Transformation so that he can change the world one body at a time
In this episode Lazo shares his own story of body transformation and how far his journey come and in the process explains the the practical importance of the mind body connection and treating your body with the utmost of respect. We take a dive into some of Lazo’s key principles of body transformation and how to develop an elite performance mindset.
Are you ready to take it up a notch?

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In this episode you will discover:

  • What inspired Lazo to transform his body and how he achieved his 12 week award winning physical transformation
  • How a creating a physical pillar of strength can facilitate change in every area of your life
  • The Power of the Mind Body Connection and the importance of mindset in creating a body transformation
  • How all change requires a heightened visceral experience
  • How to use diaphragmatic breathing to induce more energy in your body
  • How to improve your sleep and what supplements will help you to get a restful night
  • Lazo’s specific morning routine for maximum energy

Episode Resources:

  • Breathing Exercise : VIDEO COMING SOON
  • Body Transformation Academy SUMMIT (For Personal Trainers ONLY) – Get FREE Tickets here 
  • Lazo’s original Award Winning 12 Week Body Transformation: 



Connect with Lazo Freeman online:





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