Freedom Engineering with James Lavers

060: The Philosophy of Business Freedom with James Lavers


I am delighted to introduce you to James Lavers – James is a Digital Educator & Philosopher and Video Sales specialist and founder of Lazy Coach, a boutique training company where James helps experts, entrepreneurs & small business owners to attain true freedom from constraints and get a global reach through the influential use of online video to monetise their brand and sell more products.

James runs a 100% online business and in this episode we get right into how he has built a business which only requires him to work just 2 days per week and how you can create more freedom in your business using modern video marketing strategies.

This is NOT your ordinary episode! Get ready for mind blowing content, a barrel of laughs and some deep philosophical musings – this episode could be the most powerful episode of THE UNSTOPPABLE PODCAST yet!

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In this episode you will discover:

  • The advantages of choosing Boutique vs BIG Business
  • The ‘3S Formula’ for building a high value lean business
  • How to create a competitive advantage by being customer centric
  • How to leverage your business by packaging your expertise online
  • How to experience more freedom by eliminating time and geographic constraints
  • How to create an engaged following using Facebook LIVE
  • How to use online video to generate more sales
  • How to get what you want fast by reducing friction in your business

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