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049: A Journey of Self Love and Acceptance with Mandy Morris

I’ve been excited to release this episode for a long time – I recorded this interview prior to my recent 4 part business series and it has been really tough to hold it back knowing how powerful this interview is – to be honest I wanted to put it out the moment the interview was over!

This is an episode that is difficult to put into words. What I can say is get ready for one of the most transformational episodes yet – all of my guests add tremendous value but this conversation struck a lot of chords with me. It got me in the heart.

Be sure to listen to this episode in its entirety TODAY – you will find lessons in this show that will change your life. I don’t say this lightly.

Our guest today is Mandy Morris. Mandy mixes her powerful mindset coaching with spirituality to create an authentic approach to tapping into your true potential and helping you to find ultimate self acceptance. She is known for creating lasting change in less than 30 days by attacking the root cause of what holds you back, no matter what has happened in your life in the past.

In this episode you will uncover how to create lasting change in your own life by living from love and self acceptance.

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In this episode you will discover…

  • How to discover if you are living out of alignment with your true self
  • How to find self love and self acceptance
  • How to create lasting change in an instant
  • How to live consciously and decide what you want most in life (it might not be what you think…)
  • How to develop deep self awareness and overcome challenges from your past
  • How to identify limiting beliefs that restrict you from fully experiencing your gifts
  • How to live from love instead of fear
  • How to overcome inner tension and find peace

Episode Resources:

Most important advice : “Don’t wait, don’t hold back, be you, be all of you, you are perfect, you don’t need to change anything at all – just follow your heart and don’t listen to anyone else before you listen to yourself. Your heart knows what it needs and will always guide you to where you want to go” Mandy Morris

On being ‘Unstoppable’…“being Unstoppable is being authentic, when you are who you are there is nothing that you can or cannot do, its a matter of choice. Following that piece of you that knows what you need, that intuition of knowing how to create that. No one can get in your way, there is nothing that can stop you, there is nothing that can build a barrier high enough that you are not going to want to, or be capable of jumping over when you know who you ARE!”


” When I looked at what gifts that I have to give; how am I going to feel if I haven’t given these gifts and realised that they are GIFTS”

“Every thought creates an energy which becomes your physical reality through the energy you create.”

“Choose how you want to be, how you want to show up in the world, find authenticity by uncovering the emotions you are trying to strive for and live them.”

“When your soul screams at you its time to wake up.”

“People are putting so much energy in to trying to fix themselves yet people don’t need fixing, they just need to remove all the shit.”

“Everyone has baggage, but we can help each other to remove the crap that doesn’t belong and find self acceptance and self love and realise that we are particles of god and we are just as perfect, all that really matters is realising our perfection and being cool with it, whatever we find! Its really that simple yet everybody tries to make it so difficult.”

“I am here. Like me or not, I’m going to do me, and do it with respect to humanity but I love myself and I don’t need permission anymore.”

” Your behaviours are what enable you to achieve what you believe is important, if you are out of alignment then you might be going after the wrong things.”

“If nobody told you today…I LOVE YOU.”


Connect with Mandy Morris online: 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mandy.morris

Website: http://www.myauthenticproject.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mandymorris888/

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