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047: [PART 4] Billion Dollar Marketing Secrets with Ben Simkin

Welcome to the FINAL PART of the MEGA Business Series on the Unstoppable Podcast! 

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This is the forth and final part of the MEGA Business series that has been running for the past 4 weeks…”but Dan, you told us it was going to be a 3 part series?”…that’s right, over the past 3 episodes you have learned some incredible business philosophies from some of the leading experts from around the world, but today you learn one of MY philosophies…ALWAYS OVER DELIVER!

Today’s episode features THE GO TO business growth expert for established businesses who want to dramatically increase their results…Mr Ben Simkin! Before I tell you more about our guest today, lets recap what we have covered so far within the mega business series…

Part 1: Daryl Urbanski ‘Building 7 Figure Funnels’ where Daryl shared the 4 step formula for building a high level semi-automated business’,

Part 2: Justin Brooke ‘Making paid traffic easier for everyone’ where Justin demystified the science of traffic and conversions,

Part 3: Jody Jelas ‘Build your online business within just 21 days’ where she shared how you can put your funnel together and build your online business within just 21 days!

As founder of BusinessNET, a leading Online Marketing firm, Ben Simkin and his team provide online marketing and lead generation services and advice to CEOs, entrepreneurs and marketing professionals – his company to-date has been responsible for close to $1.5 billion dollars in increased sales for his clients over the past 10 years.

In this episode Ben breaks down the exact principles that he has used with his clients to generate close to $1.5bn in increased sales, we talk facebook advertising and why Ben believes this is the most important advertising platform to master, he shares the exact components of a successful facebook advert and reveals a proven ad copy formula that you can apply immediately within your marketing campaigns.

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In this episode you will discover…

  • The very same principles that Ben has used with his clients to generate close to $1.5bn in increased sales
  • How to apply the ‘highest and best use’ theory to your business
  • Why Facebook ads is the most important advertising platform to master right now
  • The exact components of a successful Facebook advert
  • A proven ad copy formula that you can apply immediately within your marketing campaigns.
  • How the ‘2-second Rule’ impacts your conversions
  • The power of masterminding

Ben Simkin on being ‘UNSTOPPABLE’:

“To own every day, to wake up and own the day to be in control of your destiny and your outcome and your success.

When you are approaching anything in life, think about what is it that you need but don’t make it all about yourself, make it all about other people. IF you knew that your client would benefit greatly, their life would change by attending your workshop or event, or buying your product or service and that was going to be very impactful – don’t take NO for an answer.

IF you know in your heart that this is going to solve something in their lives, do everything in your power to compel them to tell them to do this thing, to buy this product or service, to attend this event – you owe it to them, you owe it to them to save their life, to improve their life and everyone around them – their family, their partner, their staff and their families. Be unstoppable in helping people achieve their goals – don’t let them say no to you for that. When it comes to generating clients, sales, marketing, advertising – be unstoppable…don’t stop, keep going!”


  • “Either Find a mastermind to grow, or if you cant find one create your own…”
  • “You will pay for your education somehow, whether you go to university or college and spend $200k or whether you work your butt off and lose a lot of money by making a lot of mistakes…either way you are going to pay for your education.”
  • “Is what I am doing right now the best that I should be doing? Is it the highest and best use of my time?”
  • “Anything you are thinking of going into will be 10X harder than you can imagine, it will cost 10X more than you thought and it will take 10X longer…if you don’t have the tenacity and resilience and you give up you will never get there. You have to be tough and do it. Don’t make giving up an option”

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Ben’s Coaching Questions from this episode:

  • Is what I am doing right now the highest and best use of my time?
  • Am I doing something that could be delegated?
  • Am I selling the right product or service?
  • Could I be selling my product or service at a higher profit margin?
  • Am I using the right business model?
  • Could I be serving my clients a lot better? More holistically?


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  1. paul gough July 17, 2016 at 09:27 #

    Hi Dan, not sure if just me. But episode 47 cuts off around 36 mins

    • Dan July 18, 2016 at 20:48 #

      Thanks Paul! Fixed!

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