Demystifying traffic and conversions with Justin Brooke on The Unstoppable Podcast

043: [PART 2] The Episode Where Justin Brooke Makes Paid Traffic Easier For Everyone

Welcome to Part 2 of 3 of the MEGA Business Series on the Unstoppable Podcast!

I had the great pleasure of interviewing 3 top internet marketers in a row so decided to combine all of them as a special online business feature! Within this MEGA 3 part series you will learn how to structure and scale a 7 figure business, how to create compelling offers, attract a buying audience, drive traffic and maximise your conversions! Check out Part 1 on How to create a 7 Figure Automated Funnel with Daryl Urbanski here.

Our second guest within this series is THE go to guy for traffic and conversions to give you the next piece of the puzzle…introducing JUSTIN BROOKE 

Justin Brooke has a big heart and has achieved some incredible results in his time online and his meteoric rise has been due to his media buying genius, his great blog and good old fashioned hard work!

Today you will discover Justin’s story which shows that you really CAN turn your life around!

Justin got his start 10 years ago with just $60 in a Google Adwords advertising account and shortly turned it into 6 figures. In 2011, he launched a digital ad agency, IM Scalable, which quickly became a highly sought after 7 figure agency. Justin has generated billions of ad impressions for his clients, sold millions of dollars worth of products, and has been hired by the who’s who of online business including Mark Ford aka Michael Masterson, Rich Schefren and Russell Brunson to name just a few.

Today as founder of the Digital Media Buying Institute, Justin plans to help others attain the levels of success he has been able to reach by teaching marketers how to seriously level up their paid media buying skills – Justin does all of this whilst travelling the world and being able to spend quality time with his family.

Get ready for the truth about growing your business with paid traffic, we’re going to remove the veil and demystify how to build your business using paid media…

Are you ready to have your mind melted?

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In this episode you will discover…

  • The BIGGEST mistake marketers are making right now when it comes to traffic
  • How to discover the ‘inception’ point to open up a flood of traffic to your business
  • Why paid traffic is more like POKER than magic and the science behind a successful ad campaign
  • The best way to capture the attention of a ‘buying audience’
  • How to use re-targeting the right way to skyrocket your sales
  • The alternative ad networks which are CRUSHING it right now
  • The Traffic ‘Hail Mary’ –  why the first wave of advertisement is an investment rather than the be-all end-all of your campaign

Recommended Resources:


  • “Everyone is advertising in the same place…but where is YOUR traffic? “
  •  “Where is the super low hanging fruit…the inception point where your audience will see your ad?
  •  “Be brutally HONEST. What do YOU want? Despite all the money, if you were in a bubble and nobody else was around what would you want to do?”
  • “Do not be emotional about the money you put into the ad network – the money is now a tool”
  • “Everybody blames the traffic but that is like the store blaming the billboard…”
  • “Create the right size funnel that matches, you, your business, your market and your offer”
  • “Attracting a buying an audience…everyone buys ! Everyone gets paid on Friday, everybody has spent it by Monday. Figure out what your people are buying and why they buy and create enough urgency and scarcity so that they buy TODAY.”
  • “What is the CRACK COCAINE of your marketplace? What do your people want?”
  • “What does it mean to be unstoppable?…It is in the mind. Trust yourself, focus on what you care about, ignore the haters and don’t base your decisions on what society wants


Connect with Justin Brooke online:

Website : IMScalable

Website : Digital Media Buying Institute




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