My thought's on Brexit - In today's episode I share my view on the EU Referendum

042: My Thoughts on Brexit…

My thought’s on Brexit? Yes – you have guessed it from the episode title…I AM going there!

This is a very controversial subject and one fraught with mixed emotion. In this episode I give my perspective on the EU referendum and even if you are not from the UK, I strongly recommend that you take a listen to the whole episode because I share a number of valuable insights into how you can create personal change in your own life.

Given the heat around this subject I am mentally braced for an onslaught of discussion following this show – so please feel free to join the discussion after the episode in the comments below!

In today’s episode you will also hear 5 key insights from my interview with Daryl Urbanski from Part 1 of the 3 Part Mega Business Series!

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In this episode you will learn:


“Man is the master of thought, the moulder of character and the maker and shaper of condition, environment and destiny” – James Allen, from his book – As a Man Thinketh


My top 5 lessons from Part 1 of the MEGA business series with Daryl Urbanski:

  1. Power of Mastery : “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who had practiced one kick 10,000 times.” Bruce Lee.
    Become  a master of what you do. Our superpowers only reveal themselves through engagement – it is an evolving journey that unfolds as we take massive action. We must be open minded enough to try new things in order to find our true gifts.
  2. Power of Self Awareness: Complete a daily 5 minute journal – 3 things you are grateful for, 3 daily goals, 3 x personal affirmations – Daryl said “with awareness, will power, proper routines and rituals compounded over time, you can achieve anything that you want”. Use journaling as a powerful daily ritual that will produce profound changes in your life.
  3. Power of Lifestyle Design “Have a day to day life that you can life forever” – what does your perfect day look like? What is the timeline from morning to night? Craft your ideal lifestyle beginning with your ideal day.
  4. Power of ONE  – design your client experience end to end by storyboard the entire journey like a walk through a theme park. Do this for one customer who represents your entire audience. Include everything from how you capture leads to how your fulfil your products and services.
  5. Power of Team – you cannot do it all by yourself. Who can you employ or call upon to help you achieve your goals and dreams? What can you outsource to reduce your personal workload? How can you eliminate work that detracts from your unique zone of genius or expertise.

My Thoughts on Brexit: Transcript

Shock. Fear. Anger. Dismay. Resentment. Shame. Rage. BLAME….Some of the words that I have seen many people use describe their feelings towards the outcome of the EU referendum.

The United Kingdom – Is it One Nation? The EU referendum shows Britain is not one nation but a rather a starkly divided and fragmented nation…

Statistically the divide amongst the voters has been shown to be as much about socio-economic class as it is about generation. The polls show that those aged below 50 voted conclusively to remain in the EU, yet those above 50 significantly outweighed them and voted to leave…

Whilst of course, there were many exceptions amongst the voting population, the data shows that the referendum was a battle of the old versus the young. The elites versus the working classes. those with higher education vs those without, the prosperous Britain vs left-behind Britain – those who embrace globalisation, multiculturalism and diversity vs those who fear that a nation has lost control of its identity and its borders,

The issue of immigration was used galvanise supporters and was undoubtedly one of the drivers of the vote, and xenophobia rose to the surface during the process of the referendum and a sense of exclusion, racism and hatred could be felt by disaffected pockets of the nation which really added to the sense of a divided country.

The EU referendum however, did not create these divisions or these prejudices – but it has exposed a huge underbelly of the disenchanted in the UK who feel let down and neglected by successive governments…

The referendum highlighted the disconnect between politics and people….“The establishment against the person on the street,” ….It is no great shock to find so many voters failed to listen to the advice of economists, politicians and bankers – all trust has been lost.

Like perhaps most other countries in the world, Britain has been frustrated by a decade of economic turmoil and is fuelled by fear and ignorance.

The FEAR reached such a level that campaigners urged supporters to use pens on the ballot sheets, claiming that votes made by the pencils provided by councils could be erased and changed afterwards and the IGNORANCE reached such a level that the top 5 google searches post referendum included :

‘What is the EU? and What countries are in the EU?’

The people didn’t understand the EU yet many turned out to cast a vote without full information or understanding the potential consequences.

And what of the consequences?

Within hours the Pound tumbled to its lowest level for 31 years, $2 TRILLION was wiped off global share prices as the shock wave swept around the world and the economic and political environment in the UK has been left in turmoil…an un-united kingdom that shares common geography but no common vision or common values…

This was NOT a vote to leave the EU. This was a vote for change…the people want change for themselves and they want change when it comes to how nations and territories operate politically and economically – whether this vote was the right way to create change will only be seen over time.

Whilst the initial economic and political reaction has been traumatic, the reality is that we don’t really know what the future will hold…this is uncharted territory.

BUT why did this happen and what can we learn from this?

Human psychology shows that when people make decisions, we all do so based first upon our emotions and then we back up our decisions with logic, the voting in the EU referendum is no exception to this.

The vote was won based upon feelings vs facts and emotions vs logic. Whenever you make a decision based upon how you FEEL, you will always look for the supporting logical evidence to back up your decision…whether you voted remain or leave, you will have found plenty of logical reasoning to justify your decision.

You could have had all the evidence in the world to show that leaving the EU could have dire consequences but those who voted for change did so because they FEEL angry, frustrated, isolated and powerless to create change, – and logically many wanted someone to blame for the position that they find themselves in and immigration, politicians and the EU were made the scapegoats.

I understand the pain. I understand the frustration. I understand the desire for change. I understand the suffering.

The formula for suffering is where your current life conditions do not equal your blueprint and where you feel HELPLESS TO CHANGE.

Your blueprint is your long term expectation for how life is supposed to be for you, so if how you are experiencing life right now does not meet that expectation, you are going to feel unhappy and if you feel powerless to change then you will be suffering.

I believe this is what we have just witnessed as the events have unfolded in Britain. PEOPLE ARE DESPERATE FOR CHANGE AND THEY HAVE HAD ENOUGH

The reality is that many territories across the UK have seen little economic progress since the end of the industrial revolution and have failed to adapt to the globalisation and digitisation of the modern world so it is no wonder that the life conditions do not match the life blueprint for those who voted for change – you can very simply understand HOW and WHY they are suffering.

At this level of pain, frustration and suffering there are only 3 ways out and herein lies the first problem…

The first way out of suffering is BLAME…


You can blame the events of the world, you can blame others, you can blame the past, You can BLAME the government for failing to be aware of the extent of the problem that you are facing, You can blame immigration, you can blame the politicians, you can blame the EU, the remain voters can blame the leave voters, the young can blame the old, the poor can blame the rich or vice versa

…the problem is that BLAME never works.

We blame because we need to explain why things in our lives aren’t where we want them to be – it becomes our story.

The STORY that you tell yourself based upon what is happening around you is the REAL problem, whether it’s that you lost your job to someone else from outside your country, or perhaps you had to wait for hours at the doctors surgery, or you town is overcrowded, under resourced and under developed or perhaps you believe that people should have listened to the experts…. Even if YOUR story is 100% true, when you blame your current life experiences on outside circumstances it reinforces the idea that the outside world controls you and that you do not have control over your inner world.

The problem is never the problem, the real problem is your STORY about the problem.

The truth is we all play a role in what happens in our lives, no matter how much we may want to believe it’s someone else’s fault.

However you voted, where ever you live in the world, whether Brexit has any relevance to you at all – When you continue to blame outside events, people or circumstances for your own life conditions you become entrenched in the idea that you’re are not capable of improving your life – blame keeps you stuck.

2) So, rather than blame the second way to create change or end your own personal suffering is to change your own life conditions. 

This is the real key to change – to TAKE PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY and proactively change your own life conditions

To have Personal responsibility is to get focused about what it is you want and don’t want and then instigate change. When something in your life isn’t the way you want it, that doesn’t mean things around you are all wrong—it means you have a great opportunity to make it right, and in so doing, learn, grow, and expand. Think about not what happened or what someone could have done—but what you can do differently, starting now.

It is not your life conditions that shape your life, it is the decisions that you make.

There are 5 core decisions that will change your life:

  1. What do you want –  What is your goal, your aim, your purpose? What do you really want?
  2. What does it all mean – what is the meaning that you give to your life? How will you interpret the events that unfold.
  3. What are you going to focus on – where your attention goes, energy flows
  4. What is your attitude going to be – you can live in the positive or you can live in the negative, you can be joyful or you can be sad, you can be upbeat or your can be down and out – how do you want to feel and be seen in this world?
  5. What are you going to DO – what action are YOU going to take. If you take no action, you have no life and no progress. The key to personal responsibility is to take consistent, purposeful action.

The final way out of suffering or to create change is to….

3) Change your blueprint – update your map of the world

What is the blueprint you want to live by, how do you want to see the world? If the world has changed around you will you change with it? How will you choose to see the people around you? How will you choose to see your environment? How will you choose to see your nation/?

To create lasting change you must change your story – When you change your story about how life is supposed to be, you change your life.

I personally feel that when we take more personally responsibility for our own lives, life expands. End the blame game now, and as Gandhi said…Be the change you want to see in the world – whether that is in your own household, your community, your nation or the world over – This is your opportunity to become a role model for change.

When you take personal responsibility for your own life conditions and your blueprint, your map of the world – your life will change.

How do YOU want to see the world now?


Your unstoppable challenge to take stock of your own personal life circumstances and your life blueprint and make some important decisions t take control of your own future….

Ask yourself the 5 key questions for change:

  1. What do you want –  
  2. What does life mean to you.
  3. What are you going to focus on 
  4. What is your attitude going to be 
  5. What are you going to DO

For those in the United Kingdom, please remember that although our nation has entered into uncharted territory, some of the greatest discoveries of all time were made by courageous explorers who dared to enter into unknown waters, remember when you take personal responsibility – the pen is in your hand to write the script to your own story.

For all the readers and listeners, we may live in turbulent times but we always have the choice to act out of love or fear, choose to live from love create a brighter now.


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