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035: How to create an epic life with Marci Lock

Finally we have our first female guest on The Unstoppable Podcast – it’s long overdue but today’s episode proves that it has been worth the wait….I’m delighted to welcome MARCI LOCK to the show!

Marci Lock is known as the “Ultimate Life Catalyst” and she works with global influencers, game changing leaders & High Performing Entrepreneurs to help them to live an Epic Life in every area.

Marci has appeared on TV around the world, spoken on International Stages and has touched and transformed thousands of lives through her Average to Awesomeness Movement, her Mind Body Break Through Programs and her hands on Experiential Events & Retreats such as The Goddess Revolution Experience, and the Bad Ass Break Through Catalyst Adventure Series.

In this episode we take an intense and deep dive into how to live a fucking fantastical life in every area!

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In this episode you will discover…

  • How to overcome the internal bullshit stopping you from having it all
  • How your current results are the exact results you are committed to and how to change them
  • How to live from faith energy to experience more joy, love and excitement
  • How to embrace the concept of effortless creation
  • How to go all in on an epic life and experience true transformation
  • How to discover your own unique zone of genius.

Marci Lock’s Free Resources!

Marci has kindly provided a 5 AMAZING free resources for listeners of The Unstoppable Podcast! I have personally downloaded and listened to ALL of these and they have been game changers!

  1. Free Resources for creating an epic life: 
  2. Free Webinar for Unlimited Energy:
  3. Freedom Audio Coaching Part 1:
  4. Freedom Audio Coaching Part 2: 
  5. Marci Lock App (Download via iTunes here)

Resources mentioned in the show:

The Surrender Experiment: My Journey into Life’s Perfection – by Michael A. Singer


Connect with Marci Lock online:




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