016: The 10 Rules of Happiness

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Are you ready to take your happiness to the next level?

In today’s Monday Motivation I recap my top 3 lessons from the 7-figure interview with John Holowaty and explore what it takes to be happy – big topic but chopped down into 10 simple rules!

In this episode you will learn

  • My 3 key take away’s from my interview with John Holowaty
  • The problem with looking for happiness outside yourself
  • 10 Rules for Happiness

My 3 Key Lessons from John’s interview

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  1. Mastery is achieved only when you focus on one true path and eliminate all other distractions
  2. “You have to hang around with great people to be great” – I’m going to focus on expanding and upleveling my peer group over the coming weeks and months
  3. Create your superhuman character – develop a list of characteristics that form the person that you need to become in order to acheive your highest goals and reflect upon whether you are showing up as this person each day.

Quotes – An old Sioux Legend…

In ancient times, the Creator wanted to hide something from the humans until they were ready to see it. He gathered all the other creatures of creation to ask for their advice.

The eagle said, “Give it to me and I will take it to the highest mountain in all the land,” but the Creator said, “No, one day they will conquer the mountain and find it.”

The salmon said, “Leave it with me and I will hide it at the very bottom of the ocean,” but the Creator said, “No, for humans are explorers at heart, and one day they will go there, too.”

The buffalo said, “I will take it and bury it in the very heart of the great plains,” but the Creator said, “No, for one day even the skin of the earth will be ripped open, and they will find it there.”

The creatures of creation were stumped, but then an old blind mole spoke up. “Why don’t you put it inside them—that’s the very last place they’ll look.”

The Creator said, “It is done.”

Your Challenge…

Follow the 10 Rules for Happiness….

1) Happiness is only ever now – Decide to frequently enjoy the moment – without focusing all your energy on the past or the future.
2) Consciously engage in activities and thinking that boost your mood,
3) Disengage from or avoiding activities and mind-sets that bring your down
4) Ditch the neg ferrets – stay away from negative people!
5) Reframe – Appreciate both sides of the coin – If you are faced with something that upsets you, ask ‘what about this could I be happy about?’.
6) Accept what is – Learn to accept things about the world that you cannot change.  Don’t get ‘bent out of shape’ over things that you cannot change. Let it be
7) Gratitude – take time out to appreciate yourself and your world
8) Smile!
9) Choose optimism – focus on what your are excited about and what is working well in your life!
10) Keep things simple – conquer complexity and keep life simple for a more joyful experience of life!


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