The Side Effects of Thinking BIG

063: The Side Effects of Thinking BIG

Transformational leaders have one thing in common—THINKING BIG! Their vision is bigger than average AND not just a little bigger, but they think on a whole different level! Thinking big has so many positives, however we sometimes set goals that are so big that we become unhappy because we pursue a level so high that we […]

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Lazo Freeman, CEO of the Body Transformation Academy on The Unstoppable Podcast with Dan J. Gregory

062: Ultimate Physical Performance with Lazo Freeman

Today we make a shift from business and dive into what it takes to create ultimate physical performance! I’m excited to introduce Lazo Freeman! Lazo is recognised as the #1 Body Transformation Coach in the UK by the Association of Professional Coaches, Trainers & Consultants, he is a champion natural bodybuilder and first got known […]

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